Saturday, March 31, 2012

Week 28: Number 7 & Letter T

We had a full week this week with number and letter activities as well as Easter printables. I've been updating this post as we do do things each week. We will continue next week up through Easter. Our April monthly focus will cover the other three weeks.

I feel a winding down about our learning this year. What I may do for Summer Fun is the preschool unit studies I've seen based on Munchkin's interests. Transportation, space, animals, sports and super heroes are several I think he would enjoy. We can make them as long or as short as his interest dictates. 

Number 7. We did lots of counting, it's becoming more natural to do that as we go through out our day. We count the stairs as we walk down them, number of pieces of fruit in our snack, etc. I must admit these kinds of every day teachable moments were the ones I wasn't sure I would become aware of:



Visuals for Letter T:
We talked several times over the week that stealing meant no taking toys from our friends which has been a challenge for Munchkin. The story from my ABC bible verses really stuck with him and he said no take flowers later in the week. 


A sensory bin wasn't necessary when there is a train table available. Tons of train time for my two :-)


Letter of the Week activities:


Books for the week: 



New book for us called "ABC's of Character" that is really for next year, 
but we'll use it these last few weeks as an introduction.

Chicka Chicka boom boom time to end the week!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 27: Letter S & Shape Triangle

As I was just downloading this week's pictures, I was surprised there were 37. Learning fun was slowly done in a few minutes increment spurts this week so it didn't feel as though we did much. I don't think there was longer than a 5 minute session at any one time. I prayed not to be anxious about it and I don't feel obligated to do every activity every week.  It's just great to see how much we actually got through by posting here:


Playing with instruments including the triangle

Letter S: