Monday, April 30, 2012

Week 32: Letter W & Number 8

Number 8 fun:

New books this week. The "First Numbers" and
"How Many Hearts" helped us out this week

Munchkin sat with his Scout the whole time he was watching
LF Counting Barn
Counting  and Identifying number activities:





Letter W fun:

Every day living-
wrestling with daddy

Getting Wet with Water. He really liked this!

Washing machine
Wiggly worms being washed.

Watching out the window. We do this every night while we brush teeth and comb hair

Tug of War with daddy. Munchkin giggled non-stop

Bible ABC- Creativity hit for this one on Jonah and the Whale. We emphasized that Jonah had a time out in the whale because he didn't obey God the first time. We also talked about how after some time to think, Jonah then made the right choice. Because God loved Jonah very much, He gave Jonah a second chance. Once Jonah decided to listen and obey, He was rewarded by God being able to watch the people of Nineveh turn to God.
We made a whale from a milk carton. I found this on
Reading Jonah

Playing with our flip book and busy Bible for Jonah stories.
We also watched the Veggie Tales version.

My camera is on the fritz... flash wouldn't go off


Leap Frog Videos:
Letter Factory
LF Alphabet Amusement Park
Sidewalk Chalk time:

Words to music with songbooks

Worksheet fun with daddy:

Chicka time :-)