Monday, March 25, 2013

Jesus and the Little Children

Week 30 of 36

Learning Poster

Character, memory verse and story all starting with V

Number, Letter, Bible Story and book of the Week

Victorious, Jesus is when he rose again

Some of the many Easter books we read

Dry erase board

Digital Arts and Crafts Studio. Given free by a neighbor.

Car time is always fun ;-)

Tablet and phone apps and videos help learning go mobile

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Review- Week 29

Week 29 of 36

Learning Poster

Review Bible Stories

Character, Memory and values by Letter

Letter Books to review

Books of the week to review

Letter Fun!!!

Easter sticker fun too :-)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feeding of the 5,000

Week 28 of 36

We did get learning done these last two weeks. We've had so much going on that getting the learning done was all I could manage, blogging just had to wait. Mommy broke her foot, Munchkin has been sick and Doodlebug has been teething in a bad way not sleeping through the night. We had a mini vacation during Spring Break as well while we were having work done on our kitchen. All that aside... we had fun :-)

This week is definitely a reflection of our priorities when every thing else in life is wacky. What's the most important focus on our learning and that's our relationship with Christ and growing in Him. As 1 Corinthians says all other knowledge will pass, but love.  Week 29 is a review week, so we had plenty of time to cover more of the number, letter, motor skills, math and name practice.

It's not that it doesn't bother me to not have everything complete, but there is grace in every day living. We are efforting to be faithful while trusting in God. Perfection is not on our radar. No educational approach is flawless and God equips for every good work according to His purpose. I feel like I'm defending myself, so I'll stop and just share our learning.

Learning Poster
Books of the Week

Reminder White Board

Letter Tracing and Memory Verse
We read the "U" portion of each book
Character Trait
 We can all benefit from giving more of this to strangers, leaders, company, etc.

Bible Story
What's in the Bible Volume 10 includes this weeks story

Felt board and Bible

Munchkin playing out the story.
Listening to the Bible story via Biblegateway

 We also have a Jesus action figure that tells the story as well.

Easter videos we've been watching

Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Samaritan

Week 27 of 36

Learning Poster
Number, we read other counting books, add items daily, count out snacks like raisins. Look for the numbers on signs, books, etc.

Good Samaritan
Felt and bibles
This story has several daily applications of how to love our neighbors and show them God's love. We talked about with our friends, brother and parents.

books for the week

more books

Character trait of the week

Truthfulness character trait resources
Easter daily reading:


Reading around the house: