Sunday, June 3, 2012

June 2012- The Bible

Everyone has a different take on Summer breaks regardless of your education approach. This year we have decided to do a fun preschool pack that's geared towards Munckin's interests once a month academically just so we aren't spending the month of September on review alone. The one thing that won't change in it's pace or organization is our monthly faith focuses. Growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord never ends. Character building, reading the bible, going to church, experiencing hard times, praise and talking to God never takes a break. Also, my two little ones are too young for any camps or VBS so this is a way to continue to build spiritual truths in their young hearts and minds. 

For June, we will be talking about the most important book they will ever read. Yet, it's not just a book to read or to be thought of once, or even once a month, week. It's a daily experience to spend time with the Lord. We talked about prayer last month which is our hearts talking to God, so it made sense to to then talk about the Bible which is God's heart talking to us. My prayer is that Munchkin will understand, it's not just about heroes, characters and laws, it's about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  The Bible is His love letter to each one of us. It is life's manual. The bible is what builds us back up, filling us when life is discouraging, hurtful and disappointing. The bible reminds us of our place in this universe and our purpose. The bible is our standard for our own behavior and encourages us in how to love and forgive others. It's the only absolutely true book we don't have to use a filter to apply to our own lives. There is none of it that we are exempt. I don't understand or have full knowledge of everything in it and that's the journey of walking with the Lord with His words in our hands. He meets us where we are at with love and matures us with insight in to His word.

Our other favored way to hide God's word in our hearts is through scripture music. Our favorites are Hidden in My Heart and Seeds Family Worship CDs.

Some existing books and bible versions
New DVD series from What's in the Bible.

I've ordered some crafts and visuals from Oriental Trading Company
 “Books Of The Bible” Magnets Bible Learning Charts
“Books Of The Bible” Learning WheelBooks Of The Bible Craft Kit

For example, we read the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 at breakfast this last week.

Pray and Play Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Hands On Bible

100 Bible Heroes

Jesus figure who speaks the parable of feeding the 5,000

We counted the seven loaves and two fish. We talked about sharing. We
talked about how powerful and loving our God is to care for His children
this way.

Bible time with friends including reading, singing, crafts, coloring and a video.

Our ABC bible verses. Ways to hide God's word in our hearts.

New books and bibles this month

A few of our new bibles have great creative ways to bring the stories to life in a relative way to preschoolers like The Pray & Play Bible and the Hands On Bible.

 Here is my June -Bible Pinterest Board for some other ideas I've come across on the web. Also, our summer play group kiddos are coming over once each month during the summer to join in our fun :-) 
I can't wait!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We did it :-)

Munchkin is holding his first day of picture taken back in September on his last day of school this last week :-) We started when he was 22 months and he's now 7 months. He's changed in spiritual growth, emotional maturity, physical stature, character development and academic knowledge. I'm so honored to be his mommy and teacher :-)

Munchkins' First year of Preschool 2011-2012

What a fun adventure this first year has been figuring out being a family of four as well as learning from home. He's a loving and helpful brother too!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Others Freebies!

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