Monday, September 24, 2012

Noah's Ark

Week 4 of 36

We flipped week 4 and 5 in the curriculum due to family coming in town this week. Last week was supposed to be a review week, but we are doing that now. The flexibility is perfect is for us :-)

Weekly Learning Poster

Scripture Memory for the week

ABC's of Character Trait

ABC Bible Verse review from last year

Books for the Week

Bible Story: Noah's Ark
Bible Story in Felt

Noah play and learn

Coloring Page

Creating a storm in a cup

playing with Noah's Ark little people toy

Baby Noah from Baby Einstein

Letter of the Week: Bb

Leap Frog

Pointing out letters around us

Sorting upper and lower case

Letter Factory

finger tracing with sandpaper letters

b puzzle and butterflies

vocabulary book we built last year

B is for Bible

Singing "Read your bible, pray every day". He really enjoys this song

Doodlebug joining in

chalkboard writing

finger tracing


Number of the week: 3 We counted everything three that we could


Friday, September 14, 2012

Adam, Eve and the Fall

Week 3 of 36

I am Learning Poster

ABC books we'll go through this year as we start our alphabet

Books of the week

Memory Verse for the week based on the Fall

Flannel board with one of the bibles we're using

One of various versions of Adam & Eve we read 

SO thankful to have all this laid out for me every week!
Working on if my time truly reflects my priorities of God first, marriage second,
then children, extended family, friends

Letter Aa:
Intro :-)
Review of last year's memory verse from ABC Bible Verses

4 areas for the year to work with on our Letter of the Week (LOTW)- Games, Build a Letter, Tracing and Writing

Since the goal is to start writing, we'll work our way up starting with games:
Some are favorite activities from last year. We'll do this category when we have extra time

Build a letter activities

Tracing activities

Writing activities

Letter game in action

Visuals/ aka stuff to play with while we sing our phonics song or letter  writing rhyme/ aka things to occupy Doodlebug while working with Munchkin.

Building with craft sticks held together with velcro dots

Build a letter from COAH

Building letters with pattern blocks

Building words with the Word Whammer that start with A

tracing highway letters with cars

Saltbox with the letter underneath the box to find and trace

Sandpaper letters, we traced with our fingers

Took a glue stick and made the letter/ number. Then sprinkled glitter and gently eased the plate around so the glitter would gather on the still wet glue. I did it the fist time. He wanted this activity several times. Yes, it was a mess, we'll probably do it outside next time.
Tracing with power magnets

Tracing with do-a dot blotters. We used the colors of the week only.
Writing with dry erase crayons

Window Markers

Writing: I wrote the letter/ number in chalk. We took turns using the wet q-tip to erase it.
I started writing the letter and number on the magnadoodle. M finished them. He wanted to do this several times.

Number 2:

Numbers Book

Education sube. I asked M to find the #2 and reminded him what God created on that day

Building number 2 with the geoboard - we did our  LOTW too.

dry erase crayons with a dry erase board

One of many, many counting opportunities during the week

Other fun:
Picking acorns with his buddy P

Technology times:

Charlie Church Mouse Preschool with Numbers in the belly of the Fish
BOZ's and 123's

Tracing app on the iphone
Scout spells out M's name for him

Watching the book of Genesis from What's in the Bible

Gross motor activity was playing Red light, Green light. Had to get a decent picture while playing.
The fine motor activity was peg puzzles and we did that as well. I just didn't get any pictures. 

Family fun:
Super fun company starting this week for the fall. Baby A will be with us 3 days a week.

M gets so excited to talk and help her. He 'read' a bible story to her this morning