Monday, September 24, 2012

Noah's Ark

Week 4 of 36

We flipped week 4 and 5 in the curriculum due to family coming in town this week. Last week was supposed to be a review week, but we are doing that now. The flexibility is perfect is for us :-)

Weekly Learning Poster

Scripture Memory for the week

ABC's of Character Trait

ABC Bible Verse review from last year

Books for the Week

Bible Story: Noah's Ark
Bible Story in Felt

Noah play and learn

Coloring Page

Creating a storm in a cup

playing with Noah's Ark little people toy

Baby Noah from Baby Einstein

Letter of the Week: Bb

Leap Frog

Pointing out letters around us

Sorting upper and lower case

Letter Factory

finger tracing with sandpaper letters

b puzzle and butterflies

vocabulary book we built last year

B is for Bible

Singing "Read your bible, pray every day". He really enjoys this song

Doodlebug joining in

chalkboard writing

finger tracing


Number of the week: 3 We counted everything three that we could


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