Sunday, September 9, 2012

Days 4-7 of Creation

Week 2 of 36

Here is the lesson plan we are loosely following. I feel practically lazy this year going by a pre-made curriculum and someone else having great daily plans. All I have to do is buy books, gather a few things and implement :-)

Weekly Learning Poster

Bible felt with the days of creation

Books of the Week on theme, number and animals going back to creation

Munchkin REALLY enjoys retelling the story through the props.

Counting through shopping

finger tracing with our number rhyme

Playing match with the days of the week

Memory Creation Game

Munchkin has this down :-)

We talk frequently about Creation addressing the mine word. I tell our little guy if He created it, it's his. Once we get down to the root material of any object, it's God :-)

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