Tuesday, September 2, 2014

2014-2015 School Year

This year, the new curriculum we will be using My Father's World Kindergarten with our oldest boy, who will turn 5 in November. He is ready for all their components with the exception of handwriting, so we'll go through this curriculum for as long as it takes to get a good start on having him write his letters. We will continue to use ABCJLM, with year 3 for our middle son, only in the order that MFW suggests so I can teach both boys at once with the age appropriate information, arts and activities. Boy #3 will be along for the ride and sit in a play as he napping and eating schedule allow at 4 months old ;-)

Munchkin (will be 5 in November):

Getting kinder organized
Literature Package from MFW


MFW kinder goes in order of phonetic sound, so S is the first unit, M,

A book of bibleless people to go through during the year

Lots of fun supplements

Starting to build our YWAM library

Doodlebug (turned 3 in June):

Lightening: (born in April)  Along for the fun :-D

Getting Ready:

New table to do projects, activities, arts and crafts.

New addition for organization in our library

Fresh organized area is a great way to start a new school year :-)

Week 32 ABCJLM


Wheee, we made it! I might have just been the worst end of year homeschool mom ever this last week with no arts, crafts, fine or gross motor. We read the books, sang the songs and probably did a few videos that might have tied in at this point. But, we finished, so it's a win :-D

Week 31 ABCJLM

Week 30 ABCJLM

So I'm skipping along sharing the learning posters and what ever pictures I managed to capture from 3 months ago. With a new baby and the time lag of these posts, I clearly can't remember the details. I do know though we skipped the assigned review weeks, so that's why there is no week 29.

Week 28 ABCJLM

Week 27 ABCJLM

Week 26 ABCJLM