Monday, November 17, 2014

Unit 8- Dinosaur

wasn't planning on this unit until after Thanksgiving , but decided to bump it forward rather than having a review week. We covered all of our material during the previous weeks and aren't needing any additional coverage this week. 

I went in to huge research mode(I enjoy this part of planning lessons) to find Intelligent Design resources regarding dinosaurs. Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis had a biblical viewpoint that was age appropriate for curious little boys. In learning quite a bit during this process as well. His was the only one I found, so glad it was meaty!

In case you are curious like me, the biggest difference is the young earth theory, weaving in the creation account in Gensis as well as the Ark, the flood, fossils, looking at Job 40 with new eyes where very large animals not describing any other existing animals we know are found .

A glimpse at all the Dino books we have. A couple do mention non-biblical ideas. At this stage for a 3 and 5 year old, we'll use the two books for reference on names, size and what they ate. 

Other fun during dinosaur week:

Posters :


Monday, November 10, 2014

Unit 7- Us

I actually downloaded all 1800 photos off my phone, so I'm blogging from my desktop today.

Weekly, I've been aiming to have a faith based, a fictional preschool and non fiction science book to learn more about each units letter, object and bible words. I had several books already about how God created each of us differently and uniquely special. I have 5 of these already and bought the other five since this idea is such a basic fundamental idea of our sense of self, how we carry ourselves and treat other people .

Letter U books:

Human Body

Us went in to more specifics of the 5 senses. This is the weekly letter card:

We watched several videos on the senses and read this book:

Munchkin has enjoyed discovering writing and drawing so much this year. He has surpassed my expectations and goals that I wrote out at the beginning of the year in this area.

Doodlebug matches up the letters very well with no help from me:

Highway letters:

Verse visuals I made using a family picture that a friend from church  did for us.

Munchkin wowed me with making up his own words to go with the vowel ladder.

Letter of the Week

I really enjoy and appreciate the value of
a unit study. I know educational approaches come and go, but this one may stick around here for a while longer . The letter of the week concept goes through one letter each week. Both MFW and ABCJLM curriculu uses the alphabet as a jumping off point for phonics , handwriting, science, history, faith, math, recess etc. 

Over the last 3 1/2 years of doing preschool at home, we've accumulated a selection of Alphabet books that we enjoy and I thought I'd share them here that ties in phonics, sharing the gospel, faith, character and Bible knowledge. 

Top row of books change out every week. First there is a series of the two smaller books each for each letter of the alphabet given to us by a friend by ElectricEducation . The book in between is My Sound Box series .

The other five books in the second and bottom row are all faith based and go through the entire alpabet within each book. We read just the portion that pertains to that week's letter. 
The middle row have poster visuals as part of our calendar wall time to review daily sharing God's word, growing in God's word and His character is so foundational . 

People who Need the Bible visual from :

ABC Bible Verses from 1+1+1:

I made these to go along with the ABCs of Character:

The bottom row has bible stories and concepts respectively. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014