Monday, November 17, 2014

Unit 8- Dinosaur

wasn't planning on this unit until after Thanksgiving , but decided to bump it forward rather than having a review week. We covered all of our material during the previous weeks and aren't needing any additional coverage this week. 

I went in to huge research mode(I enjoy this part of planning lessons) to find Intelligent Design resources regarding dinosaurs. Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis had a biblical viewpoint that was age appropriate for curious little boys. In learning quite a bit during this process as well. His was the only one I found, so glad it was meaty!

In case you are curious like me, the biggest difference is the young earth theory, weaving in the creation account in Gensis as well as the Ark, the flood, fossils, looking at Job 40 with new eyes where very large animals not describing any other existing animals we know are found .

A glimpse at all the Dino books we have. A couple do mention non-biblical ideas. At this stage for a 3 and 5 year old, we'll use the two books for reference on names, size and what they ate. 

Other fun during dinosaur week:

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