Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Week 35: Letter Z & Number 9

Letter Zz . I'll add  more details later


This is our Z character trait of the week

Our Z bible verse

Z vocabulary words with our bible verse strips

Bible verse

Videos. Someone was sick almost every day last week, so there were a few more educational videos and also why I'm getting this posted so late.

Brainy Baby DVD

Brainy Baby DVD

Starfall website

Add caption

Add caption


Our letters, education cubes, track letter, 3d letter,
Letter Factory, sand paper cards and floor mat letter

Our last Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Foot letters from Kizclub site, lacing letters, letter wheel and tracing card

build a letter, power magnet pages, coloring, highway letter and shape mat

salt box, chicka chicka boom boom tree, letter puzzles, matching game and geoboard

salt box in action with tracing card underneath

matching our education cube and vocabulary words

highway letter in action

bottle cap activity

building a letter

Finding a Z for our tree

Our tree is all done!

Bye bye letter fun, it's summer time!

Putting our letter back on the floor mat

playing with zebras as we watch a video

doing soy-doh letters

Filling in the letter with power magnets

Bendaroos, built a letter and made z things

A fun sensory activity

Daddy joined in one morning

Number 9

We have to adjust by adding 1.5 for underarm temperate taking, which we do
lots this week .

Number floor mat

Number book

Chicka Chicka 1 2 3

Counting book



Snake number from Target dollar bin

More number books
We also counted (stairs, steps, etc) and point our numbers in our every day surroundings (signs, posters, etc).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 34: Letter Y

We are winding down for the year. We didn't do a new shape, but we did review the ones we've already learned over the course of this year with books and eye-spy.

I did get one our learning sessions on video just for posterity. It's hilarious that it was interrupted numerous times by varying things like Doodlebug waking up from his nap early crying, mommy forgetting something, hunger, random songs, Munchkin having ideas where he ran out of the room to get something and finally we decided to pick it up another time when the lawn guys arrived. It was a losing battle for his attention at that point. That's just real life in our day :-) Every day living things don't stress us out. We just finished things up another day and that's all right. 

We did 22 activities, even if we'd only done the first sitting, the week would have been deemed a success. I always have more activities ready than what we can do in a week because I have been able to gather so many ideas from blogs through Pinterest. I mix it up every other week or so, since I know I wouldn't want to do the same thing monotonously for 26 weeks as we went through the alphabet. Plus, his skills have advanced, so we've added, deleted and changed activities according to his learning and maturity. 

The extra time allowed us to do more for our Monthly Faith focus of Prayer. We read several of our prayer books and did a few crafts this week so I have updated that post. 

For the Letter Yy we......

played with a yo-yo

Played with our feet

traced with our makinglearningfun highway letters

Munchkin wanted to do the pattern page from Making Learning Fun 'by mysef'.
He did great! He did match the proper shape and color, it was in the opposite direction ;-)

Power magnets with Confessions of a Homeschooler printable

COAH large letters, railroad & 3d Y

Y vocabulary words from 1+1+1=1

Salt box with tracing card under the box

Doodlebug got in on the Y fun ;-)

Testing out a few things to go full force in the fall. Visuals to go along
with ABC's of Character book.

Education Cubes from MamaJen

ABC Tracing iphone app

ABC Phototouch phone ap, He did great!

Phonics from Leap Frog, Visual from 1+1+1=1 for our Verse of the Week,
and trading card from The Story for bible story time.

Letter building

Playdoh mats ( or soy-doh as we use) from Homeschool Creations

Cookie cutter Letters


Lacing letters from Homeschool Creations

Gluing bible verse on a bible mommy colored. Munchkin really enjoyed
layering on the glue from 1+1+1=1

Floor Mat

Chicka Chicka tree, one more to go!!