Saturday, November 23, 2013

Week 13 ABCJLM

 Catching up, almost done! A few extras this week from our stash of letters and a forgotten workbook the boys dug out to play with this week along with our usual bible story, letter, number, color, shape focus.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week 12 ABCJLM

Blogger is being funny, so another post where trying to organize the photos in categories prevents it from posting.... So here is our bible story, letter, number, color, shape and MFW activity for the week in random order. Also, I included our Thanksgiving Tree where we added a leaf with a thankful scripture and said what we were thankful for the 28 days in November that lead up to Thanksgiving. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Week 11 ABCJLM

Third time to try to do this blog entry. Random ordered pictures it is!!Our regular letter, number, color, shape, bible story and MFW activity for the week. I also included our Thanksgiving books for the month!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Week 10 ABCJLM

As mentioned in the last post, I revamped our learning boards a bit. It was always my intent to have the primary four areas of preschool learning - letters, number, colors and shapes-in laminated flashcards hanging from the pushpins on binder rings, and viola week 10, I did it! :-S I have added one more card to each board for more LOTW focus: on one is an exercise card with the actions organized alphabetically and the other is the appropriate tracing card. I kept the main learning poster the same, although I am right now in the midst of trying to consolidate or make a combined one for our upstairs learning area. These cork boards hanging in our breakfast area which is where we do most of our book reading so wiggly boys are somewhat tame and quiet. On that topic, I'm in the search for a front facing wood book shelf so I can reclaim some valuable counter real estate space ;-)

4 Year old Learning Poster

2 Year old Learning Poster

Books of the Week recommended in the curriculum:

Bible resources

Number, Letter and popular Preschool

Memory Verse, Christian Values and Character Trait

Prepared should the questions come up, but at 2 and almost 4, they aren't looking around and comparing what other people do. Thank goodness! (They did not ask anything this year)

 Additional homeschooling resources we picked up via Facebook garage sale sites. Must exercise self control at times to stay with in our monthly budget, since there's good finds at great savings.

 Character Trait Disrespect:

Favorite Preschool series for growing Character
 New Bible Songs:

Calendar Time:
 Letter of the Week Hh:

Bible Story of Ten Commandments:

Felt board and books

Additional Poster this week in our Learning Area

Lining up the trains in commandment order

I wish this book had all the bible stories, my work would be done! Great resource for songs, activities, prayer, life application

Additional Reading

Videos for our Bible Story:

Hand Motions, really liked this one

This video incorporated the shape of each number to help kids remember them

My Father's World Activities:

Shape Triangle:

We've been doing candy corn activities all month

Color Purple:

Number 8:

Number Box

Baking cookies, lots of counting!

#1 Reason we homeschool. My husband's work schedule is unpredictable. For instance he went in late two days this week and worked until after the kids were in bed, if they'd been off in preschool in the morning, this would never have happened: