Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Academic Learning Games

Reinforcing what we are doing through games is ideal for us. The boys are relaxed, invested and engaged. Here are a few of our favorites for this year. We do different activities with the games depending on which child is playing the game. 


Science : 

Language Arts: 

Books of the Bible

We took December off for Advent season. We got back in the swing of school this week. For munckin, I am most excited about going through the books of the bible. 

I've gathered some videos that go through the bible including Jesus Storybook Bible, What's in the Bible and we stream The Bible Project series online. I found individual flash cards and coloring pages for each of the 66 books.

This felt set by Betty Lukens is still really great! 

Some of our favorite bibles. 

Here's a closer look at a few of the books in the top collage that we have as resources to pull from while going through the bible . 

We pulled out our Books of the Bible bookcase this week. 

The boys love this, worth every penny! 

We are using flattened cereal boxes as pouches for each Brooks's activities :

I found a few other activities to do along the way: 

Inside the pouches for now, we'll add as we go along: 

Word search -

Bookcase coloring page - 

On our cork board to keep us on track: 

This was our kitchen table reviewing Exodus and introducing Leviticus Thursday morning. Love everything about this ! Daddy ran errands with our youngest then picked up our middle son from speech and behavior therapy . I got the chance to have a really great talk with our oldest son about words like atonement, sacrifice and redemption. We looked them up, looked for verses and takes about how we could apply them in his life. I wish I could have recorded today. It felt surreal and holy. Love this parenting gig.