Friday, January 25, 2013

Jesus Heals the Little Girl

Week 22 of 36

We actually did more this week because we had our little friend every day this week. No pressure to get out, run errands or do outside play dates, since we don't have room in our car for a third car seat. We had the time at home, so mommy directed to fun activities. They had no idea they were learning ;-)

Learning Poster

Valentine Preview ;-)
Books for the week

Tracing strips and counting card

LOTW verses

White board reminder

Table pocket chart set up


 Character Trait of the Week

ABC Bible Verse story

Bible Story Memory Verse
 Jesus Heals the Little Girl
Healing references

Listened to the story from Mark on the tablet via YouVersion
Felt board set up and story telling

New DVD resources. I emailed a group of women I respect who have older children from our church. The series Read and Share & Read and See bible on DVD were the unanimous recommendations.

Watching the story.
Letter Pp:

Fridge Phonics, we watched the Letter Factory too


Number 10:
Number books

Number little People

more number books
Going on a Bear Hunt:
Used Five in a Row book with Going on a Bear Hunt

Found Going on a Bear Hunt on YouTube. Munchkin requested it multiple times

Other activities:
Calendar time

Pictures... had to ;-)
Presidential  Inauguration

Pairs of Pirates

We actually ended up watching Jonah who the Pirates are in also. He said this one was scary. Not quite sure which scene he's referring to.

The following moments are made possible through homeschooling. Our guys bonding during the day....

I've been wanting to get this on camera for a while. Every once in a while when I put doodlebug down for a nap, munchkin wants to rock with him. They giggle and have the best time.

Helping Ms Sarah out with Abby

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wise and Foolish Man

Week 21 of 36

Learning Poster
Books for the Week

Munchkin reading to Daddy

Doodlebug wanted to join

O visuals

My ABC Bible Verse

ABC's of Character

Wise and Foolish Man verse. We also sang the song with hand motions lots this week. We also asked if  what the boys were doing would be considered wise or foolish based on what God would want.

Wise and Foolish felt board set up

Table pocket chart help

Tracing strip and Counting card

White board reminder

More O verses

More random reading around the house :-)

All of our books we read from

Friday, January 11, 2013

Jesus and the 12 Disciples

Week 20 of 36

Learning Poster

Books for the Week


Character Trait

Jesus Videos, two more still to be delivered

I used most of the monthly homeschool budget as well as a chunk of baby sitting money to start a library of Jesus references. It was actually quite the pursuit to find ones that were both age appropriate and accurate

LOTW verses

Jesus and bibles

January Calendar

Jesus flannel board

12 Disciples stories

More N books

Dry erase board

The boys and I talking about the Disciples over breakfast

Song #1 

Song #2