Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Learning Posters:

4 year for Munchkin

2 year for Doodlebug
 Note: I reworked these boards this coming week as via blogging, I've seen a pattern of the color, shape and often number getting a bit short changed... I'm a visual teacher so I think the changes I made will help refocus me. We are all always learning in this process.......

Letter of the Week with memory verse and character Trait:

Books and Games for LOTW
Leap Frog
I've seen this approach to calendar and liked it, adding the days as you go. The approach is that they will see the days filling in, helping them grasp the passage of time...

Books for the Week:


Bible Story- Joseph Forgives His Brothers (4 year):
Bible Sources

Video Results via YouTube search

My Father's World Time:

Friends over!

Child driven learning: 
Munchkin playing his  violin   ;-)

Munchkin brought this book to me to read to him

We spent time naming all the different animals.....

which lead to a google image search on all different species. I <3 home based education!

Imagination time. Mommy did a first and made costumes this year. Our super heroes saved the day!

Monday, October 21, 2013


 Learning Posters:

 Books for the Week:

Letter Wall with Character Trait and Bible Verse:

Letter Fun:

 Fall fun with candy corn. We are doing an idea that relates to the trinity I saw on the web. There is also the shape, colors, counting, etc involved.

 Bible Story: Widow's Offering. M has been struggling with giving, so we prayed about this and had opportunities through out the week to give our best.

Charlie Church Mouse Preschool computer Game:


 Learning Posters:

Books for the week:

New Letter of the week wall including bible verse and character trait:

 Bible Story: King Josiah. We are having fun looking up videos of the more obscure stories on YouTube as well as our bibles and talking about what we can learn from them. In this instance obeying God all of our lives. (Daddy and I are obeying God by teaching them right from wrong, etc)


You didn't miss a post and I didn't number the title incorrectly. We are on week 5 of the ABC Jesus Loves Me curriculum.  I'm keeping a big picture perspective with our planning this year and expecting a baby in the Spring. So, we'll be skipping a few of the review weeks (weeks 4, 9 and possibly 14) and tag those review weeks at the end, rather than core material since we are going to be adjusting to a new baby around the house at that time.

We are still finding our flow this fall due mainly to sickness, pregnancy symptoms I'm still trying to manage (that I didn't have with either of my sons mind you), losing my office to a nursery now as well as being in a new house overall from last year. So, all that being said.... we are learning and finding our groove. SO glad we are covered by grace :-D

I drafted the two paragraphs above two weeks ago and then we moved my computer and the ports stopped working to upload pictures from my camera, we I have 3 weeks to catch up on... Here we go :-)

Learning Posters:

Books for the Week:

Bible Story of Cain and Able. This is the first story this school year we've come across that hasn't been introduced to my boys before.  I dug out a few more resources to bring this story to life and make it applicable since we do have two brothers . Only one children's bible had the story, but we did find age appropriate videos on YouTube, coloring pages and other books that supported the underlying themes of temper, hurting etc...  We referred to making peace from the story during the week when I saw upset starting to brew between the two of them.


My Father's World activities. Two weeks, we were behind....

Letter of the week with Bible verse and Character Trait. We wove these in to the bigger bible story as well. 


Letter D manipulatives

D got the lacing cards out on his own. So cool when he does that~!

We are hitting a stride and working the two curriculum in with some changes that work for us. The comprehension questions and additional ideas from ABCJLM are so helpful for both ages.