Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Learning Posters:

4 year for Munchkin

2 year for Doodlebug
 Note: I reworked these boards this coming week as via blogging, I've seen a pattern of the color, shape and often number getting a bit short changed... I'm a visual teacher so I think the changes I made will help refocus me. We are all always learning in this process.......

Letter of the Week with memory verse and character Trait:

Books and Games for LOTW
Leap Frog
I've seen this approach to calendar and liked it, adding the days as you go. The approach is that they will see the days filling in, helping them grasp the passage of time...

Books for the Week:


Bible Story- Joseph Forgives His Brothers (4 year):
Bible Sources

Video Results via YouTube search

My Father's World Time:

Friends over!

Child driven learning: 
Munchkin playing his  violin   ;-)

Munchkin brought this book to me to read to him

We spent time naming all the different animals.....

which lead to a google image search on all different species. I <3 home based education!

Imagination time. Mommy did a first and made costumes this year. Our super heroes saved the day!

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