Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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Week 35 of 36

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We watched a couple different versions (Go Green and Praise in Motion Music) of the telling of the wordless bible on YouTube. One has a very catchy song that Munchkin wanted to watch several times and sing.

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Android App for numbers. It  goes up to 15, so it was perfect for this week.

Fun with the Letter Z

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Munchkin ask from time to time where daddy is during the day. I reminded him daddy was at work and then he asked, is he telling people about Jesus? I said absolutely

Number book

About once a year we visit pbs. Super Why and World World have some great pre-reading skills in them

I'll be super honest, I'm not normally a fan of that stations view points or angle on stories told to children. In case you're not sure what I'm referring to,  It may seem semantics to others, but we don't give credit to mother nature, it's God that created and controls our natural environment. I sit with them while they watch for the first time and we talk about how God fits in to their stories. It's been challenge to myself this last year, to include God's character, plan, love and purpose for us through out every day life. 

For example, this is our way to sing the ABC song.

A peek ahead...  Books to help keep growing in Christ over the summer: