Monday, November 10, 2014

Unit 7- Us

I actually downloaded all 1800 photos off my phone, so I'm blogging from my desktop today.

Weekly, I've been aiming to have a faith based, a fictional preschool and non fiction science book to learn more about each units letter, object and bible words. I had several books already about how God created each of us differently and uniquely special. I have 5 of these already and bought the other five since this idea is such a basic fundamental idea of our sense of self, how we carry ourselves and treat other people .

Letter U books:

Human Body

Us went in to more specifics of the 5 senses. This is the weekly letter card:

We watched several videos on the senses and read this book:

Munchkin has enjoyed discovering writing and drawing so much this year. He has surpassed my expectations and goals that I wrote out at the beginning of the year in this area.

Doodlebug matches up the letters very well with no help from me:

Highway letters:

Verse visuals I made using a family picture that a friend from church  did for us.

Munchkin wowed me with making up his own words to go with the vowel ladder.

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