Monday, September 12, 2016

Week in the life

Prep for the week is minimal due to lesson plans built in to the curricula. I hang visuals and set out worksheets . 

For 2nd grade, I research videos and pull out the perspective read along and do a quick Pinterest search on the corresponding science or history material. M enjoys daily math

Science topic this week is constellations so we played a couple of educational YouTube videos, downloaded flash cards from Pinterest,  pulled out our constellation globe and he made constellations out of stars and white crayon on black paper. 

For kinder, I gather books and file folders for the letter of the week. I'm so thankful for the advice to buy several different supplements for M, knowing what didn't work for older brother may work for his two younger siblings.  I have ideas and additional crafts/ projects as Ds interest and our time allows. 
D enjoys the worksheets and the outdoor exploring that's encouraged. We don't do quite as much book reading for him at this point in the year due to lack of interest on his part. 

For our 2 year old, the older brothers help gather toys with the weekly color, also used for counting, shapes, textures, pattern and sorting .  L piggy backs identifying the letter that D is learning for handwriting and phonics.  We sing, do nursery rhymes, bible story, play and color. 

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  1. You rrrock, girl!!!
    Im all for homeschooling.
    The public schools are a
    total cesspool of filth.
    God bless your indelible souls.