Friday, September 9, 2016

Enrichment Classes

In the Fall of 2014, I began researching and visiting Homeschool coops. We belong to a causal field trip group and craft/ book group, but I was looking for a large group with more options for each kid and on their individual ages.  Down the road they off credit/ dual credit, athletics, drama, prom, etc. They put organize a yearbook, field trips etc. This coop has over 100 local families with plenty of opportunities  for our kids to know they are not alone in this home school journey.  We chose one closest to our home that neighbors recommended. 

We went on the wait list over Spring Break in 2015. Our first class session was today. 

M offered to talk about his morning, which is rare, at lunch in the gym. He was excited and ready to go to his last class after he was done eating.  I caught sight of him while I was teaching a different class during first hour and he was engaged. 

D loved his Jack project and talked of beans and seeds . I was so glad I made the choice for PreK classes so he'd have the stability of staying in the same classroom and teacher . I spotted him during third hour and he was going along with his class. 

L charmed his teachers and I spotted him on the playground during second hour having fun. I'm also across the hall from him fourth hour. 

I listed my teaching history, interests, talents and abilities on the questionnaire during registration . I was assigned American Girl history for two hours. First hour was a tween group of 9-11 year old girls  , second hour  a 2nd/ 3rd grade range. Third hour I grade for a Christian world view class and the 4th hour I'm in the nursery with one year olds. 

We talked with so many people, co teachers, parents and kids. Our  precious neighbor Ann checked on us and ate lunch with our friend Elisabeth and her kiddos. I laughed with other 'red dot' new families on how many times we got turned around or lost in the building. 

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