Monday, September 3, 2012

In the beginning, Days 1-3 Creation

Week 1 of 36
I've been looking forward to blogging weekly again about our learning adventures. It feels so much more official this year buying a pre-made curriculum. This year starts writing and reading too. I really enjoy having much more of the work completed for me. This first week was a great introduction for all us to get back in the flow. We did school twice a week which is what our church's MDO program does, so I feel that's realistic and staying on track for Munchkin who will be 3 years old in 9 short weeks.... *gulp*  Last year he was asking for school, so if that's the case, I have activities, pages and other ideas as needed.  We read, play, sing and are learning every day, so it's so much more natural and organic now to see the opportunity to have fun and learn when curiosity hits. 

Learning Poster for the week
Our books for the week

I feel that we were able to fully utilize the material to Munchkin's attention span, interest and learning style.     I really like the lesson plans these ladies are utilizing with this curriculum.   Every 4th to 5th week is a review week so we can try additional activity suggestions - there are many on the ABCJLM forum, website, blog and fb group pages. Plus, we'll use some of our favorite manipulatives, printables and books from last year as well that will grow well with our learning.

Pointing out one of many of God's creations and naming colors

Visual for our memory verse
Munchkin can say his memory verse including book and chapter
Mommy's been using some teachable moments connected with God's creation. Everything belongs to God since He's the ones who created it. I think it's the cornerstone for stewardship and finances down the road, plus it addresses the pesky 'mine' word in the present. 

Matching game with the first 3 days of creation

Singing our creation song and matching numbers to His creation

Flashlight games in the dark while we talked about God making light where there was none.

Daily calendar activity from

Our book of the week from YouTube

Number zero video

5 Little Ducks craft. We counted, named colors and talked about the bible stories that correlated with the theme of the book like the lost coin and prodigal son while doing this. 

ABCJLM memory verse visual

Our first day of school :-)

What's the the Bible, volume #1

Charlie Church Mouse Creation activities

Number of the week while doing our rhyme

Drawing and talking about our family

Matching up colors on the ice cream cone

Education cubes. We rolled the dice and named the number and what God created on that day.

Letter review on our own
 God continues to provide on the journey to learn at home with encouragement, support from other homeschoolers, groups and co-ops. His financial provision for materials we knew we could do with out, but would enhance our learning has been faith growing and a confirmation of our path. This Bible Felt set was one of those things. It's a wonderful example of how trusting in God always reaps a reward whether it's reminding us that He is in control and either pointing us towards are other resources to utilize or treating us to something we were dreaming of :-)
Bible Felt set :-D

Daddy and Munchkin talking about creation while I was starting dinner tonight

Doodlebug is there along the way every day. Even though he's not quite 15 months, we all have fun together reading, praying, loving and being a family. We had a great summer with tons of play dates, playgroups, firsts and fun but I'm glad to be back doing this. I love who we are as a family and what God has placed on our hearts to do. This works for us on so many levels.  It's my calling, my hobby and my passion to homeschool my precious sons. I'm a nerd about school supplies, books, manipulatives, free downloads and articles. I wouldn't trade getting to see my favorite faces all day for anything :-D

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