Tuesday, April 10, 2012

April 2012- Heaven

After Easter, the topic of Heaven is our biblical focus for the rest of April. We have already read 3 great books and done a craft as of the 10th  and have had some great conversations. I pray for the end result of these times of biblical focus. During Easter, I really just wanted Matthew to understand that baby Jesus who we talked about so much during Christmas grew up and became a man. The heart truth being that He loves us. Matthew very excitedly when he sees a picture of grown up Jesus will exclaim, He's alive!"  In those moments, I'm humbled by what God does with the activities we do around the house.  When I was first researching this topic for a preschool level, I just hoped to teach him there is a heaven. Now that he's aware Jesus is alive. I'm hoping through this focus that Matthew will understand by believing in Jesus being alive for us we get to be in heaven forever with Jesus. I'm excited to see what God will bring about..... :-)



Books: I'm very impressed of the angle, descriptions and heart of biblical truth in these selections.


As always, check back on this post through out the month as I'll add activities as we complete them.

Talking about new life in heaven:

Angel stencils and conversation:

Jesus dying on the cross:

 Finding songs about heaven:

Heaven coloring sheet:

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