Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Book a Day

Another fun activity we are doing along with our Jesse Tree Advent and What God wants for Christmas is a Christmas Book a Day.  I've seen lots of lists out there. Our books are toddler/ preschool faith focused. They all point back to Baby Jesus in different ways. I didn't want 30 something renditions of Luke 2, but I did want the truth in every book. I haven't come across one yet that Munchkin doesn't ask me to repeat later in the day. Definite favorites- reading 6+ times in a day- so far as been J is for Jesus and Christmas with Boz.

I bought enough books to start the day after Thanksgiving and go through New Year's Eve. These were taken Sunday. We completed day 13 today. The books after the ones with the stars are not in the order they will necessarily be read. I make the decision the night before based on what we've been talking about or  activities we might be doing then. For example, we started with the "Pine Tree Parable" and "Jesus, Me and My Christmas Tree" first since we were talking about putting up the tree. Munchkin screaming through the upstairs staircase after he woke up from his nap that we had our own tree was priceless! Daddy and I put it up while the boys were sleeping.  Day 11 was "J is for Jesus" since that was the beginning of our Letter of the Week focus for J. Mommy gave them a candy cane with their breakfast to tie in with the book. It was a big sticky mess, but man they had fun :-)

Books 1-20

21- 38
The red box is what Munchkin opens every morning to see what new book we'll be reading. With our schedule this year, wrapping them individually wasn't going to work for us.  The last picture is all song books that play the songs when you press a button or open the book. They include "Silent Night", "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing", "The Little Drummer Boy", "Joy to the World", "Away in a Manger" and "Little Town of Bethlehem"

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