Monday, September 22, 2014

Learning wall 2014-2015

After our first real learning unit last week, our rhythm and schedule got some tweaking . All the wall visuals for both boys came upstairs. I really like how this is coming together .  I also grouped all of our daily activities in to separate boxes , but that's another post...

The top weekly calendar of daily activities is for me. I'm a visual teacher. The flannel board with the words to remember are for the boys. They like to play, point and talk about them. I made the visuals with a design software. I'm working on thwe whole year's, it's a work in progress.

Since the subtitle for Munchkins curriculum is seeing the world through God's eyes, I decided to keep the Creation numbers doodlbe bug colored in the first two intro weeks. Doodble bugs 3 year old learning poster and bible verse are hung here.

Calendar time with the days of the week. I found the creation calendar cards, printed and laminated them, backing them with velcro circles. In between the two is the start of our caterpillar that we'll continue to add to as we go through out the year.

Letter of the week reminder. 1- Munchlin's reminder of the words, the spanish word for the weekly object and the people in the words with that letter that don't have the bible in their own language. 2- is the corresponding Character trait that starts with that letter. 3- 100 day chart. We'll do something fun when we hit day 66 as that will be half way though our school year. We school 4 days a week with with 26 units and 7 review weeks for a total of 132 days of school.

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