Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A day in the life - October

We had a rough start with grandparents leaving this morning after visiting a week. I'm glad for our normal routine to get back to normal to help withdrawal :-) 

A Science talk about the seasons with Doodlebug

Lead to solar systems drawings

Then, Reading with a new long vowel sound. 

He checks off on the chart as he goes: 

Handwriting with our bible verse , we are working the scale of our letters right now 

Learning basic math problems with unifix

Bible time was our devotional and introcudicing the books of the bible : 

I'm so grateful for two open and go curriculums that have everything planned out for me and all the materials and notes to help keep us on track.

 We took off yesterday as our Explore Day instead of Friday well... because we can ❤️

Doodlebug was doing his 4 year old workbook he enjoys, I'll spend two days introducing the weekly bible story, character focus and memory verse. His therapy class covers the basic academics. 

Then he helped Lightning with crayons and drawing paper. It helps to calm littlest brother to play Praise Baby so I can focus on big brothers.