Saturday, February 18, 2012

Favorite Series

As I'm narrowing down our search for God honoring Easter books, I started with a few favorites of the other Holiday books to see what Easter offering if any, they provided.

 Books Honoring God in our Holiday Celebrations:

The Parable Series for Liz Curtis Higgs. Each one takes a symbol of the holiday and beautifully ties it in with the heart of Christ including several scriptures.

The Parable Series: The Pine Tree Parable The Pumpkin Patch Parable (Parable Series)
The Parable of the Lily: Special 10th Anniversary Edition (Parable Series)

Let's ..... On...... Holiday series. This series says it so well on the back cover of the Valentine's book.

"Discover how holiday celebrations can help develop your child's Christian faith. Beginning with familiar customs and traditions, this book reminds children that although Valentine's Day is a special holiday that celebrates love, God's love is something can celebrate all year long."

Let's Show God's Love on Valentine's Day (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)Let's Celebrate God's Blessings on Thanksgiving (Holiday Discovery Series)
Let's Shine Jesus Light on Halloween (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)Let's Remember Jesus' Birth on Christmas (Holiday Discovery)Let's Thank God for Freedom (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)Let's Celebrate Jesus On Easter (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)

Other Happy Day supplemental books:

The Story of Christmas (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)The Best Thing About Christmas (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)Easter Surprises (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)A Child's Story of Easter (Happy Day Books: Holiday & Seasonal)

The Story of.... Either by Nancy J Skarmeas or Patricia A Pingry. Tons more available!!

The Story of Thanksgiving The Story of Valentine's Day
 The Story of ChristmasStory of Jesus
The Story of Joseph The Story of Easter

God Gave Us by Lisa T Bergren

God Gave Us LoveGod Gave Us Christmas

God Gave Us Heaven
Not specifically an Easter book. It's about death which will
 be brought up when we talked about the Cross.

A series of die cut shaped books by Crystal Bowman, that are not only beautifully illustrated with bold, bright eye catching shape of the book itself is focused on Christ....

J Is for Jesus: The Sweetest Story Ever ToldJesus, Me, and My Christmas TreeMy Happy Pumpkin: God's Love Shining through MeMy Thanksgiving PrayerMy Valentine Story: Giving My Heart to GodAn Easter Gift for Me

What Michelle Medlock Adams. This series I've gone back and forth on. I thought about not including it now and shying away from our family stand on this but, it seemed disingenuous.  These books are spent talking about many of America's customs of Holiday celebrating.  If you don't chose (like us) to include traditions like Santa, Trick or Treating or the Easter Bunny for example, just know they are pointed out individually and presented  right along with Jesus. I know these types of issues can be divisive.  I grew up participating in all of them. We believe God is calling us down a different path for our boys.  I chose to utilize resources like these as an introduction for conversation to explain what others chose to do when they ask. We currently only have the Thanksgiving one. The first half of the book is spent on traditions. The last half centers on directing our thankfulness to God.  I'm thinking when the boys are old enough to have that dialogue, this series will be a helpful tool. I have found many fun God centered activities to enjoy while giving purpose and meaning to our celebrations. I do not feel they are missing out on anything.  Our reasons for these decisions include their age, forming expectations, development of faith and living out the scriptures that we are a stranger in this world, that we are not to be of this world and that we are set apart for God. We also don't want distractions or to have that primary message of bringing all glory, honor and praise for God watered down.  

What Is Christmas?What Is Thanksgiving? What Is Halloween? What Is Easter?

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