Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July -2012- Fruit of the Spirit

For July we are learning about the Fruit of the Spirit. Here's the link to my Pinterest board for Fruit of the Spirit

Here are several books that have come in so far. We are waiting on a few more. 
"9 Fruits Alive" is the shortest and is great for a simple introduction
"Jesus in Me" goes more in depth and I really like the emphasis of Jesus being in them
"A Little Boy After God's Own Heart" is a gorgeous book with trains, scripture and rhyming that Munchkin repeatedly requests.
The "Beary Batch Bears" series talks about asking God for that Fruit which I think is a great point

This book provides some great crafts, lessons and songs. We did the 9 songs for each and the basket idea I got from here.

Fruit smoothies talking about how eating fruit is great for strong bodies and how the fruits from God are best for our soul, mind, heart, faith and family.

Daddy reading "Jesus in Me" a FOTS book, to the boys
Song we learned off YouTube. You can find the one pictured here. We ended up liking this one even more though and play or sing if often

All our new books for the month
We read our books through out the day. It's much easier to have rapt attention from
 two wiggly boys to read when they are eating 

Sang our song while asking if that fruit was a Fruit of the Spirit.

Coloring pages from Ministry-to-Children, one for each of the 9 fruits to share with our friends

Crafts were baskets made from construction paper with a verse I found online.
I used fruits I found at Hobby Lobby with the Fruit of the Spirit name on them.


Printed, laminated and cut book marks, hole punched with some ribbon
from Bible Story Printables site

Sharing faith time with friends doing our craft

Coloring and sharing fruit to eat

Thumbing through the book on his own

Visuals in our play room

Coloring Page from Ministry-to-children.com

Verse from 1+1+1=1

Scripture strips from 1+1+1=1

An example of morning reading time....

We are also talking about America's birthday this first week in July and how God gave us this nation to live in.

Watching Ruthie sing the National Anthem on 7th Heaven

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