Friday, July 27, 2012

July & August - 2012 Summer Olympics in London

There were so many great ideas online for the Olympics. We invited a few friends over this morning to kick off the games for the opening ceremony tonight :-) Most of the printables came from 3 Dinosaurs, What's in the Bible and 1+1+1=1 Olympic Packs. I've pinned all the actual links on my Olympic Pinterest Board here.

Coloring pages from What's in the Bible

Whats in the Bible Olympics

Medal puzzles from 3 Dinosaurs

O is for Olympics, puzzle and do a dot pages from 3 Dinosaurs

Summer Olympics Printables

Large paper flags from Activity Village, Flag card game from Tiny Me

Great podium idea from Pinterest. 

12 sheets of Printables

Calendar Connections Olympics 2012

Munchkin with a puzzle

Munchkin and daddy talking about the Olympics this morning

Watching a bit of the coverage on the morning news

Olympic calendar cards with great info from 1+1+1=1

Game idea from I Can Teach My Child

Entry table 

Sidewalk Greeting

Ready, Set, Go!

Table set up

Relay torch races

Big Brother's turn

My gold child ;-)

Some friends came over to help us celebrate!

Go boys!

Activity time

sweet cheering girls
Finding countries on the map as they talk about them during the Olympics

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