Monday, October 15, 2012

Baby Moses

Week 7 of 36

This week I took a slightly different perspective. Rather than feel pressured and stressed to complete all of the LOTW activities I have prepared. I decided with some encouragement from the ABCJLM group to just play with intent- novel idea I know. It got me to thinking, I'm not trying to raise a prodigy here. Learning is not a race, it's a life long journey. 1 Corinthians 8:1 says knowledge puffs up but love builds up.  I'm simply wanting to be with my child and help him learn. He's not quite three and I just want him to have an enjoyment of learning centered around the love and a relationship with Jesus. I have nothing to prove and the only thing that God says to brag about is how faithful and loving my Jesus is.

Articles like this one here summed up what I was feeling in my heart. I don't want to burn any of us out. I was over thinking the process and losing the joy experience on my end as a result. I can't reflect Jesus if my goal, heart and treasures are being stored up in trying to prove any earthly standard of success. This is a valid and successful way to educate our children. It's the best decision for us and our family and that's enough. I have nothing to prove to family, friends and most importantly God. He knows my heart in starting this even if I slip up and lose sight momentarily.  These precious souls are not a trophy, a doll to dress up or successes to live vicariously through.

This blog is to store up memories, to share our lives and what works for us. Everything under my momentary stewardship ultimately is to glorify God. It's not to say look at us, the materials or our way of living as superior.  Teaching my children to reflect more of God and less of themselves is our big picture goal. Education, like anything else is a tool to find a vocation that will best help others to know God. It's not about their potential, their alma mater, their class ranking, how many extra curricular activities or how socialized they are. It's about God and how He uses everything for His glory and good.

If my teaching, correcting and training as well as how we carry ourselves live out the great commandment, that's God's definition of success. If our children can learn how to live out loving God first and then the people He made, that's success. I pray they have a heart to love Christ, find the joy and grace in obeying him and have a passion to share His love with those who don't know Christ.

I remembered our goal for this year and that's how I'm keeping this area of our lives simple. Bible story, memory verse while learning to write and one to one correspondence. I will trust God to guide us to the ways to most reach out to Munchkin. Doodlebug is just having fun getting to play with letters, books and other learning toys while we do activities. I started doing letter fun with Munchkin when he was 21 months old and he thrived on the structure and playing along side with mommy. I'm also finding we all really enjoy having a book centered curriculum which opens the door down the road to lapbooks, unit studies and a Before Five in a Row approach book I bought recently.

books of the week

memory verse 


Review list of ABC bible verses
We referred to this scripture lovingly through out the week

Learning Poster- . I never seem to get pictures of the motor skills.
We throw and roll balls daily around here with two boys.
Munchkin does not like paint on his fingers in the least.

Felt and bible stories

More Baby Moses versions

Daddy helped :-)

What's in the Bible telling of the story

Counting crackers

Starfall letter of the week

We also read CCBB by Munchkin's request

We took out foam sticker letters and made words. Great in sounding
out the letters, going left from right, etc..

Dry erase tracing

We started out Shine with the Light of Jesus crafts for this month's Faith theme

We came across an episode of Blues Clues that told Hey Diddle Diddle

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  1. Thanks Lori, just what I needed to read. I also have been having similar feelings as we are in a new season at home.Play with intent and look at the big picture..those will be memorized. I love how God send people when I need them the most. Thanks