Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Boymom homeschool life

The first few weeks of the school year start the pace and flow. Week 1, ideas are coming together as is the search for materials and supplies to make those ideas a reality.  Finding ideas that appeal to kinesthetic learners is fun when it appeals and clicks with the boys.

A big focus for me is how to streamline 3 different ages while still respecting the different places they are learning. 

The boys are all in different phases with their letters . The two year old is recognizing them, 5 year old is starting to sound out words and read while the 6 year old is learning spelling rules. We've had Montessori letters for years and so I started making mats. I filled in some and some I left blank depending on which boy is using them for their current scope and sequence. 

We are starting with their names this week since the bible focus is on learning the Names of Jesus. 

Munchkin asked for more school after quiet time. That's a homeschool win . 

This week a significant amount of time is being soent on getting back in the routine for table time. Remembering to listen quietly while others are speaking or reading and waiting turns while mommy helps brothers.

 Munchkin is frazzled when others don't follow the rules. Change in general is a challenge for Doodlebug and  Lionheart is wanting immediate attention and to do exactly what big brothers do.  Prayers appreciated ! 

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