Friday, August 26, 2016

How We End Our Week

One of the things I'm doing these first few weeks to promote motivation and progress in completing work on time is to ask the boys what they would like to do at the end of the week. This week they had the choice of the mall, a football game or a video. Their choice based on the fact that there is a dragon in the video: 

Our end of the week fun bible craft for Ms bible focus covering the names of Jesus this year was window art. We spelled out Jesus' name and the boys decorated how they chose with paper punches I have from my scrapbooking days. 

Munchkin's work

Doodlebug's efforts:

I made one for Lionheart: 

Note when we cover this with D and L, The suggested activity in the curriculum involved ironing wax paper between paper towels and we laminated instead. 

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