Saturday, November 3, 2012

10 Commandments

Week 10 of 36

We are getting much better about playing and not regulating sit down time as a result Munchkin ASKED for letter fun!

Learning Poster

Felt board

Different bible versions


Character Trait of the Week

Bible Verse of the Week

Books of the Week

Ten Commandments:
Copied from The Story for Little Ones. I modged podged them on to cardboard so Munchkin would have
tablets to use as we acted out Moses on Mt Sinai (Our ottoman was the mountain)

On Mount Sinai with our commandments. We emphasized we are grateful that God loves us enough to give us these rules and the grace to obey them. We practiced praying for when we didn't obey for God to give us strength.

Doodlebug is my climber and found his way on to the table to play too

We danced to this several times by Go Fish this week, including Halloween night  in between passing out candy to our neighbors.
Other Ten Commandment Ideas we used this week:

Character Trait:
Hermie and Friends- Munchkin really likes this book. It was a lesson on forgiveness

VeggieTales "God Wants me to Forgive Them?"

 John 3:16-
Practicing John 3:16
Our bible verse of the week book

Pocket chart and John 3:16 additional book. Such an essential verse for faith!

Letter Ff:
Letter if the week activities

F is for Families
New magnadoodles for letter writing practice thanks to friends and Munchkin's birthday party. We also put their names in the correct order this way too :-)

Starfall ABC

Letter and Number writing

Reading ABC, God Helps Me.

 Number 5:
Counting to five
We found great android learning apps for our new mini tablet  this week

Counting bear with cups. Colors, patterns, sorting, counting, adding, etc..

Pumpkin Activities:

Our pumpkin themed books for the week

I don't usually put personal pics here, but Munchkin's 3rd birthday party matched our Pumpkin Theme of Shining our Light for Jesus. He had a wonderful time and talked about for days afterward.

Pumpkin activites for the party, trunk or treat and halloween

Fun on October 31st :-)

 Other Activities:
Calendar Time

'computer' time

Exciting week with Doodlebug in a big boy bed :-)

Munchkin with his dear friend P, LOVE this!

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