Sunday, November 11, 2012

Battle of Jericho

Week 11 of 36 with ABCJLM

Learning Poster

Books of the Week

Bible books for the week

LOTW visuals

Scripture for Joshua

Character trait for the week

Memory verse from My ABC Bible Verses
Munchkin often asks me to be Goliath and he's David.

New chip boards phonics

Table top pocket chart to use with our ABC Bible Verse

Felt set up for the week

These are my top three favorite resources each week. We spend the majority
of our time and focus on these three areas

Writing out our verses and learning for the boys

Joshua from "What's in the Bible"

Munchkin on the felt set

We sang the bible song and marched around

We found a video of it on YouTube

Josh and the Big Wall from Veggie Tales

Another Joshua song from our Bible Heroes CD and Book

We used our Lilian Vernon cardboard blocks to march around and shout down

I found these great letter rhymes from Sharing Kindergarten/s Blog.
Munchkin has been enjoying the Number ones form our curriculum
Window crayons for our letter and number formation

Letter formation from a DVD called Rusty and Rosey
More G resources

Number 5 counting and ID

Other fun from the week:

Our first full week in November. We've been moving our trust label
to the current day learning days, months, season and year.
We do the starfall make a calendar at least once a week

Our Thanksgiving Books. We read a couple each day.
My favorite is "Give Thanks to the Lord"
Munchkin really enjoys finding clues

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