Saturday, November 26, 2011

2011 Advent Activities

  Last year after Christmas a friend posted about an advent calendar she used with her kiddos. I bought one super cheap after Christmas and unpacked it today while we were assembling the Christmas tree. I think Munckin will have fun playing with the nativity ornaments while mommy talks about their part in the birth of Jesus. 

In my Pinterest wondering, I kept seeing nativity ideas. I created my Happy Birthday Jesus board and off I went collecting. I'm definitely a gatherer. I was just talking to my husband today about knowing when is enough. So, today I started doing! The graham cracker nativity in lieu of a gingerbread house ( I used to do gingerbread houses from scratch every year at Christmastime before I was diagnosed with Celiac) has to be my favorite activity :-)

These ornaments from Bible Story Printables have 25 names of Jesus and are just so pretty! I printed off a full color copy on to my fabric paper. I cut them out and pinking sheered some Christmas colored felt I bought this morning to back it. Then, I printed off the corresponding scripture references from Easy Fun School, with the number of day in order. They have activity and discussion questions as well to back up this lesson depending on the age of your child. I plan to attach the Day, Chapter/ verse and Scripture information to the back of each ornament. I'll stuff them, sew and attach a ribbon to hang from our Christmas tree.

Munckin will have the same ornaments in the black and white version to color and then we'll also do a paper chain as we go along in Christmas colors to add to our living room decorations.

I'm so excited to be walking through the names of Jesus as a family as we prepare our hearts to celebrate our Savior's birth!!

UPDATE 11.30.11: I completed the ornaments last night and posted a tutorial today on how I made them

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  1. LOVE the ornaments and the names of Jesus idea. :)