Monday, November 14, 2011

Color- Yellow & Hannah -Listening : Week 10

Lots of sorting and identifying this week with yellow:

Sorting foam letters in to color piles:

I tried a sorting activity with colors where I made piles of colors with one wrong color in each. I didn't say anything about the odd man out....

Munchkin took the wrong one out of each pile leaving the remaining piles intact :-)


Arts/ Crafts time:

We moved art time to the floor this week because the Mr Clean magic eraser is taking the finish off my breakfast table. 

For The Story's rendition of Hannah and Samuel, we concentrated on listening this week. Good heart lessons, but nothing really to take pictures of. I really want our boys to understand that correct actions with a bad heart attitude does not equal obedience. We did find Story trading cards for ages 2-5 with reminders of the scripture and main points of the 31 stories.

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