Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Resources

It was refreshing to take a break last week from what was the usual weekly rhythm of posts. The time allowed me to evaluate and think about some new ways to reflect what we do through out our learning experiences. I'm ready to go deeper as you can tell from yesterday's entry. I want to make sure I'm not reflecting only a stream of pictures shouting success and achievement. Those are both wonderful byproducts that gives a certain encouragement on this learning journey. In being real and authentic, there are also days when we haven't slept much at all the night before and plans aren't touched or when Munchkin simply walks away from what I have prepared or a temper tantrum derails what we had planned so we can address character building instead of academics. In these first few months, God is really showing me He alone is my best resource for teaching my child. I am curious when I talk with other home schooling families about the logistics of the materials and supplies they use to reach their children.
Here's a glimpse in to that area as a first time homeschooler with a 24 month old.

I have a monthly homeschool material budget of $75 dollars this year. That didn't apply to September with all the initial start up costs. That materials side of that budget right now for a two year old is mainly focused on age appropriate books, music, manipluatives and crafts. The consumable supply side is usually card stock, laminating sheets, ink for the printer and inevitably velcro. Velcro is used for some crafts, our calendar cards and lapbooks. At this age, we don't buy any published curriculum, but that day will come.

Huge amounts of prayer with a peaceful balance of determination and going with the flow is required to adapt and stay motivated. I am accountable to God alone. My husband is at work and Munchkin is too young to taddle if we didn't stick to the lesson plans. I want to resist the temptation to be rigid as well. I have found that one Unit a month is enough for us right now, I had originally planned out two a month. Also, I didn't think about a fall, winter or spring break. Rest is essential in the learning process to prevent burn out. I'm really focusing as you can tell on introducing holidays this year. Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas we have many opportunities to learn how we keep the focus on celebrating who Christ is and what He's done for us within our family traditions.

Here is a draft of some ideas for Winter Materials. I am SURE this will change as my husband and I haven't officially landed on how we are doing Christmas gifts. We have talked about either doing 3 gifts for each of the boys or one big joint gift this year of a swing set for the backyard.

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