Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week 12: Thanksgiving Fun

I picked Munchkin's favorite fun activities only to do this week :-) We are only going to do one theme a week through the first of January to prepare our hearts for including Jesus in our celebrations.

We read our Thanksgiving books all week long :-)

Window clings. Can't beat this for the half hour of fun and the half off price at Hobby Lobby.

I have found some great toddler apps for the iphone. Munchkin can now get the phone out of sleep mode all on his own, score :-)

Sorting pumpkins. Mold and pumpkins also from HL:

Turkey foam craft courtesy of the dollar spot at Target:

Thanksgiving frame craft from Oriental Trading Company:

What we are thankful for Bible alphabet style. I slid in some letter fun, I just can't help myself :-)

Paper thankfulness chain:

There are sooo many great Thanksgiving printables out there. This week we used the ones provided from Our Little Monkeys. Munchkin would have kept going if I had printed off more. You can see him clapping in one of the pictures.

These cornucopia puzzle pieces are numbered. I asked him to hand me a certain number. We went in reverse order and I placed them together.

 Sorting and talking about the people and food during Thanksgiving:

Letter match up with our letter tiles. The beginning sound activity I provided the correct ones and told him why the phonetic sound we emphasized.

Coloring our Thankful verses:

He would use markers every day....
 Dry erase time

Fall leaves changing colors, there's even a nip in the air this morning on Thanksgiving down here in Texas.

Munckin reading "The Story" to Doodlebug, two of the most amazing blessings that I am so thankful to God for allowing to be our children:

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