Sunday, December 4, 2011

Week 13: Letter H

Sensory Bin of Hats:

Walking around with the LeapFrog Letter Factory, " H says ..."

Printables, now that Munchkin is 2, these are more interesting to him: The printables on honoring your parents came from 1+1+1=1: Raising Rock Stars Preschool . The Honor character trait itself came from Corner on Character: Crayons to College

Finding the H's to chose one for our Coconut Tree

 Window Marker time:

Thursday and Friday added to our H time was the start of our Advent countdown with the Names of Jesus fun :-)

Letter Match up. (Upper case on one side, lower on the other)

Large Lacing letters, we just play with them. Munchkin carried them around the house most of that morning:

 Day 2 of Advent:

Finishing up our week with our Coconut Tree:


  1. Wow! Awesome ideas, Lori. I loved the honor ideas and verses and the "I can honor my parents" chart. Would you mind sharing where you got that? thanks a ton,

  2. Trina, I just updated with the sources and a direct link to the blog posts. Hope that helps you out :-)