Saturday, December 10, 2011

Week 14: Letter Ii

Ice sensory bin:
He's saying 'brr brr cold'

 I got Munchkin a chair and let him watch as the warm water dissolved the ice.

Where did the ice go??

Letter Fun:

They are power magnets for fine motor skills. He just giggled at the fact that
they make a clicking sound when they connect back together.

Large Motor Skills Letter Fun

Match the capital and lower case:

Chicka Chicka fun to finish off the week. We read it several times in a row and he keeps asking for more. It's a super fun book

We do throw in some number, color and shape fun:

We also did our daily ornament, coloring and paper chain Advent as well as some fun little activity that mommy has either found super cheap - Dollar Spot at Target or Dollar Tree find- or for free :-) This is a great introductory year. Doodlebug is eating 6-8 times a day so most things are done at home. Next week is J is for Jesus, sooo many fun different ideas to come. Mommy is excited about this one :-)

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