Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Biblical Knowledge and Character Training Resources

The most important job God has given me as a mother for my children is to reach their heart. I am called to be faithful in parenting through providing Godly influences while being aware and sensitive to our children's responses. Our main mission in parenting  is to provide direction, guidance, skills and a worldview that will prepare them to answer God's calling for them in their lives when ever they leave the protection of our home. The umbrella of spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional tools will allow them to faithfully worship, work and love God and others. We are called to repeatedly point them towards God by modeling and keeping in mind our own personal connection and walk with Christ. I have invested in some materials that I wanted to share in the areas of biblical knowledge and character training. I never ask this, but please leave a comment to share what works for you!

Introducing bible stories isn't about the details, answering tricky questions or knowing every lineage.  Bible reading is about listening to God speak lessons of love, redemption, obedience and grace. One of the bibles I found that really says it well in it's subtitle is that every story whispers the name of Christ is the Jesus Storybook Bible, can't say enough good things about it. The way all of the stories are told draw the reader back to the heart of the salvation of Christ.


The Beginner's Bible and The Preschoolers Bible
We started with the above and have added a few for variety, inspiration and greater understanding. 

Bibles: Top - Pray & Play Bible, Jesus Storybook Bible
Bottom- The Hands On Bible, The Story for Little Ones
Busy Bible for younger kids with supervision. There are small pieces

Individual Bible Stories for weekly curriculum focus:
Individual Stories
Dollar store bible stories. They are great travelers.
 Bible and Scripture Songs:

Songs inspired from the Bible stories, principles and prayers
Music Videos from Praise Baby

Scripture songs from Seeds Family Worship

Both my kiddos have CD players in their room and we play scripture lullabies during bed times

Most Frequently requested CD right now :-)

Bible and Faith Holiday DVDs:

DVD bible stories. Read and Share is continuous stories.
Read and See is 3 minute segments with a verse, story and song .

What's in the Bible Old Testament. New Testament starts February 26th

Veggie Tales

Holiday Faith Focus DVDs. We strive to include God in everything we do. Including each celebration regardless of origins. I'll do a future post on more ways we point our kids towards Christ during every holiday.

We also act out our bible stories and find You Tube videos from Nest and other sources.

Our weekly focus:
Our curriculum from ABC Jesus Loves Me,
a Beginner's Bible and a Betty Luken's felt set.
Weekly bible and character books
Top: My ABC Bible Verses, The ABCs of Character
Bottom: The ABC Bible Storybook, Big Thoughts for Little People

 Character Training is both an ongoing organized effort in our house as well as specifically focused on as situations arise.

These series of pamphlet style mini books tackle the most common preschool misconduct. They are short, to the point and have scripture through out to point back towards God's word.

God, I Need to Talk to You About.....
Beary Patch Bears covering the Fruit of the Spirit. How to apply them on a preschool level.

Jim and Elizabeth George books regarding Wisdom from Proverbs and Fruits of the Spirit from Galatians 

This system of marking specific scriptures on traits such as lying, defiance, jealousy, not listening, pride, etc, I think is phenomenal. I envision each boy having one when they get older for their quiet and reflection time. I believe them marking their own down the road will be invaluable for their spiritual and character development.
Child Training Bible

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  1. This is awesome... my daughter would really love to have them all!!!
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