Monday, February 11, 2013

Review- Week 24

Week 24 of 36

Review Learning Poster

Books from the last 4 weeks

Review games and ideas
 I reorganized how I store my alphabet materials. It's easier to find each letter for specific individual weeks and great for review weeks!

My letter books

Number books

Character and faith books

Music for scripture memory

Review of bible story materials

Leap Frog fridge magnet letter and phonics review. 

Geoboard letters

Floor mat letters

Puzzles and starting letter sounds

Alphabet books

Concepts like counting, size, spatial awareness, etc from Charlie Churchmouse

Finger tracing

Sorting, counting and colors with fine motor

Sensory salt box. Munchkin could do this all morning

Leap Frog Amazing Alphabet DVD

Matching with Doodlebug. He always wants in on the action.

We've also had several Valentine making session and learning fun time. The boys have really enjoyed!

Valentine Decorating

Valentine Learning

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