Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sharing God's Love

Despite what the popular rumor is, Valentine's Day was not created by Hallmark. Some reading and research uncovers a Saint named Valentine from the first century and has been widely celebrated since the 15th century. Since Hallmark didn't begin until 1910, they can hardly take credit.  It's really a sweet story we read every year. More than the historical account, we use this as on opportunity to celebrate the basic foundation that God loves us so much He sent His son to die on the cross for us. We talk about 1 Corinthians love and the greatest commandment to love God and each other. As always God covers us with His grace in our understanding and current application of His love. We will never express it as deeply, sacrificially or unconditionally as God does but we trust Him to strengthen and mold us in the likeness of Him.

Valentine treats for friends and family

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Valentine Making:
sticky back felt - I 'mustache' you a question...... 

Adaptation of a Pinterest find. Chair heart pockets to hold Valentines

 Learning :

Loving our friends. There was lots of boy energy at our house, :-D

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