Monday, February 25, 2013


Week 26 of 36

Learning Poster



Books for the week : Top- Bible, book of the week, Letter book
Bottom- Character, Fruit of the Spirit and Numbers book

I wanted to share an example of them picking out books to read one afternoon while playing. 


Songs from our Stephen Elkins book and CD collections plus a VT version in there

Zacchaeus song on Youtube
Character Training:
Bible reading with our Child Training Bible. We listened to the verses on the tablet with the You Version app.  My husband and I also praying and working together as parenting team to direct our children more purposefully towards the heart of Christ during times of correction. Through prayer, understanding, Godly consequences and listening. It takes more time, energy, focus and keeping ourselves grounded in the word. Just as we are telling our children that God will equip them and they can trust Him, we are living that out as well.  We don't simply want behavior modification, we are working on hearts here.

Other fun S activities:
Ship for the pirates
Veggie Tales Silly Songs


Now that Valentine's Day is behind us, we have begun preparing hearts for Resurrection Easter :-)

My throat closes up every time, my voice changes and tears sting my eyes with every reading. The Jesus Storybook Bible truly is a beautiful version for a children's bible. Munchkin excitedly asks about baby Jesus at the end of each story and I'm so thankful there is an eagerness for Christ. 

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