Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Alphabet Activities

We are recovering from our fun busy weekend with extended family being in town. Today I worked on compiling all the activities I have found applicable for teaching letter recognition. Since I'm a visual learner, I made a spreadsheet. I think I may start by printing on card stock and checking off or highlighting when we have completed that particular activity for each letter. If the activity wasn't received well, I'll indicate and try it again some other time... or not.

Pink indicates supplies still to buy. I provided a column for activities we come up with along the way. There are a few more I have in mind not notes but, I'm not sure he's old enough for include cutting and pasting. We'll see :-)

Next I'll do an activity list for bible, unit studies, colors, shapes and numbers.

I am inspired by seasoned homschoolers. There is nothing new under the sun and I don't want or need to reinvent the wheel plus imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. Here are just a few thoughts from a lovely Christian lady who was home schooled along with her 5 siblings and is now homeschooling her 4 children that have given me food for thought:
 "Math is useless without the Sum of All Life. Language is nothing without the Author of Words. Science is pointless without the Creator of Life. History is empty without the Beginning and the End. “We learn for one purpose, and one alone. We learn to have more opportunities to know HIM better. Everything else is just a tool to serve Him more effectively.”

I prayerfully desire to remember these thoughts. I hope to maintain the focus, pig picture, motivation and heart behind these statements. They reflect such an intentional root drive behind what Christian educators are trying to achieve. Shaping and guiding our children's hearts towards Christ and the acknowledgement that everything we do is for and because of Him can only be done with deep connection with Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you again Courtney for allowing God to work through you to inspire others like myself.

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