Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome :-)

I first started personal blogging after some encouragement in 2007. Now, since my interest and passion have grown so much over the last year in wanting to homeschool my two sons, I've decided to start a separate blog to chronicle that adventure. I'm a big fan of scrapbooking but since having my first son in 2009 I have spent shamefully little time putting memories on paper. By the time I get out the supplies and print off the pictures, someone needs something. I tried general digital scrapbooking but something about it doesn't appeal to me as much. Writing has always tended to be cathartic to me. I've kept some kind of journal since I was 12, so here is our journal of learning and growing in the Lord, which hopefully will never end. Even when formal concrete building education ends, I believe learning is a life long journey.

I'll use this first entry also to explain why I wanted to teach my boys this way. For anyone who doesn't know me in person I have 20 month old and 7 week old sons. It took almost three years to get pregnant with our first son and I am an older mom. Those factors combined with a long history of love for children including college level early childhood education classes, being a nanny and working for a pre-school I knew I wanted to be personally involved in the education of my children. Who else is going to love them more (outside of God) and be more invested in their academic, spiritual, physical and emotional growth than Billy and I are? I will explain I am an all or nothing kind of person in general so when I get passionate about something... well you'll see. I pray the process of educating my children will be thorough covering reading, writing, bible, math, science, history, geography and cultures with a biblical world view yet flexible in the sense of what my children's learning style is. Yet I am human so, whatever gaps despite my extensive research may be present, I pray my children will have a love for learning and have a life long adventure of discovery.

M will be 2 this fall so I started back in the winter months gathering information. (Actually this has been a twinkle in my eye since I became pregnant with M in 2009 and I began visiting local co-op meetings with some friends) I started building a scope and sequence based on the common core standards for our local district's Kindergarten. I have in the works a school supply list and a dream for our playroom to morph in to a classroom. My lesson plans for this school year are generally in place, now I'm down to weekly plans of how to achieve the overall bigger goal of letter, number, shape and color recognition as well as pattern, sequencing, critical thinking, fine & gross motor, social & emotional skills, etc... I'll also be weaving in a weekly scripture to memorize and a bible virtue with a lesson.

I have several favorite online resources that I'll tag in the sidebar soon in case anything catches your eye. I am looking forward to the task that God has laid on my heart and I ask for your prayers as we journey forward in our pursuit of a love for Life Long Learning.

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