Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Half way there

I'm reaching the half way point in obtaining our school supply list for the fall. I prioritized the necessary items through out the year to be more practical about cost. We have a great start with books, puzzles, DVD's and crafts to help Matthew in a few weeks. I'm praying for week 1 to occur Labor Day week on September 5th. We're already trying out a few approaches to tinker and tweak. It's very cool to see how he processes and what doesn't work and why. I'll post some organized results when our school officially begins. Until then we have family coming in town.  Hint: He's eating up the puzzles and phonetic sounds. E is his favorite letter so far ;-) I think today we'll experiment with a letter scavenger hunt through the house. Here are a few recent finds.

Dollar Tree:


Alphabet Books so far. I'm still on the look out for ABC Bunny and ABC Bible Verses.

Alphabet Puzzles. I really like that the top one has lower case letters underneath to match with the upper case pieces.

Alphabet manipluatives. ( I have tried 4 different ways to upload this pic the right way. It's rotated correctly in my main picture folders. I don't know why this one didn't all the others did.) I wanted to show the flashcards, phonics, blocks, dry erase board bottle caps and other Letter supports. The clay and pipe cleaners - soon geo board, twisters, shoe laces- can bend in the shape of the letters- numbers and shapes also.

Ideas for projects and crafts to reinforce concepts.

 Books on a planned Dog unit. M is crazy about them. We stopped by the pet store yesterday while we were running errands so he could have a visit. The huge smile and giggles said it was a wise choice.





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