Friday, August 26, 2011


This week we've been a bit derailed by the sickies. I could make a long list of the goals we didn't achieve and people we didn't see but the most important thing happened. M and I snuggled rocking in the wee hours of the morning and got through the sickies together. M is very susceptible to the croup. He is 21 months old and this is the 5th time he's had it. Waking up with two little boys during the night takes it out of this mama. At least it's not contagious so D at 2 months is safe. D has been doing great, in fact sleeping longer until last night. I was up half the night with him last night. So, in the mean time, the cool mist humidifier is going and I'm trying to keep M cool -in 105 degree Texas weather- and calm - toddlerhood ;-) - so he can get better.

I'm reading some articles and continue to scour for more material during the small window both boys are down for a nap to support the lessons I have planned for the year. I found a couple of new resources here for my helper unit and here for yet more alphabet help. I also really enjoyed reading this article about keeping up with the homeschool Joneses. It really spoke to my tendency to compare and for perfectionism. We'll get back on track when my little guy feels better. Nothing checked off a list is more important than taking care of my little men.

Update on Saturday: Now D, who is 2 months old has come down with the croup too.  All four members of our little family have some range of cough and stuffiness. I hope sleep comes soon.

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