Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting closer

This site has the closest to what I envision us starting one week from today :-) eeeekkk I went shopping today to get a few more items. I'll order the last of the priority one items by Friday to get here in time for our school to begin. From what I've heard most children at the 18-24 month age go twice a week to preschool for half a day. Using that as a general rule of thumb, my aim is to do school 3 days a week. Two days on the primary theme and one day for the secondary theme. I'll have my checklist of activities and all my materials set and we can get set to learn starting after breakfast and ending before nap time. That's loosely about 9 to 12 pm would be our teaching time window. I'm going to put the expectation of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday is spent recovering from the weekend and for mommy to prepare for the upcoming week. Friday morning hopefully for Ladies Bible Study. Only thing left to do is keep praying. I pray not to compare, not to be competitive. I pray to have a positive, encouraging fun atmosphere for learning. I pray to show Christ's love for my boys. I pray to focus on both of them and their different needs.

The LOTW - Letter of the Week- A scripture has already been going through my head a few times a day. Proverbs 15:1 " A gentle answer turns away wrath."

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