Monday, October 17, 2011

Alphabet Resources

Now that we've completed our first 6 weeks, things are starting to gel more. Munchkin has gone through at least one weekly theme in all of the major six areas of Bible, Unit Study, Alphabet, Numbers, Colors and Shapes. So, now I feel confident in what works for our school this year to post our main resources to give credit for all the wonderful inspiration out there.

Our Printables that work for (now 23 months old) falls under one of two catagories:

1. Really fun that doesn't require much sitting or
2. Something that can be used during arts and crafts time.

These resources meet the criteria so, I print out the following for Letter of the Week Activities. I included the permalink for each. (The link where the actual entry/ post or download is, not just the website)
1. From Crayons to College Character Traits by Corner on Character -- It's a good reminder for mommy
2. Bible Verse visual, Bible Pocket Chart version, Bible Coloring Page, Vocabulary Cards and Playdoh Mat from Raising Rock Stars Preschool at 1+1+1=1
3. Letter Match, Do a Dot and Lacing Letters from Confessions of a Homeschooler.--- I downloaded the files I wanted individually for free :-)
4. Education Cube inserts ( The only membership I paid for) from Mama Jen. Her visuals correspond with COAH Letter of the Week Curriculum. I've been using lower case on as many sides as possible.
5. Collage Sheets from Coloring Castle (Collage Ideas from No Time for Flash Cards- she also has some great montessori bin and other activity games)
6. Leap Frog Letter Factory Phonics Cards from Projects by Jess
7. Floor Letters (upper and lower) from KizClub

Great coloring page ideas for any letter: Coloring-Pages-Kids, Free Kids Coloring, Coloring. These are just my top finds with a simple G**gle search. When I reach a letter that's a little more obscure, these give me great inspiration :-)

This site is great for finding crafts and activities for toddlers.  This site has a toddler station.

At this point Munchkin can identify all of the Upper Case letters. We are emphasizing lower case and phonics as we go through our week.

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