Friday, October 14, 2011

Letter D

Our week of D in pictures

I did more of a true sensory bin, rather than a collection of my materials. I'm working up towards the textures in the bottom. I found a DIY for colored rice and sand that looks easy enough....

Munckin's favorite D object was the dogs. We talked about the different colors, sizes, textures, etc

 Munchkin really liked the new power magnets that were delivered this week. We did patterns, groupings, and counting while we played. He used quite a bit of fine motor control for the placement

Window clings naming letters

Books time is my favorite! I'm going to start researching more of the Charlotte Mason approach and slowly incorporate some of that teaching style and see how munchkin responds.

Stamping D's ( and 2's which was our number for the week) on our d page.

Our attempt at the playdoh mats. I did what I could in yellow since that's our next color to learn.

 Munckin really enjoyed his first experience with water colors.Mommy colored over the stencils then Munckin played around.

Tracing the outline of the D for munchkin to watch. We played the Fridge phonics several times while we did arts and crafts time.

Coloring our bible verse of the week

 Putting together the foot prints of the alphabet we've learned so far in order. Munchkin collected them and in the picture he is moving on towards the numbers.

Racecar letters, one of his favorites!

Munchkin also really enjoys the bottle cap exercise from COAH

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree is getting more colorful

Playtime dog piling on daddy with his dog and the diapers 

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